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Digital Divide



Digital Divide is defined as- the gulf between those who have ready access to computers and the Internet, and those who do not.

Also defined as- the socioeconomic and other disparities between those people who have opportunities and skills enabling them to benefit from digital resources, especially the Internet, and those who do not have these opportunities or skills.

Case Study – This case study focuses on the attempt to bridge the Digital Divide in the sub-Saharan African area. They find from the research that many counties are bridging the divide with new infrastructure.  There are many countries though that are going back into the past in the since of technology. The good thing that is happening in many of these countries are policy changes that are allowing them to  develop more infrastructure to be able to bring there countries out of this Digital Divide. On the other hand there are other countries that are going the other way furthering the Divide.   There is a rank from which you are able to evaluate each county and these countries are moving forward slowly but they are now.

Major Actors in Changing the Digital Divide-  In this study it seems that most of the help that these countries are receiving are from policy makers that are inside of these countries. It seems like there isn’t to much outside help other than getting resources from other countries to be able to pay for these changes. Other than this the case doesn’t mention any help that is coming from outside of the countries.


Verga v. Emergency Ambulance Service, Inc.

The Plaintiff in the case was sexually assaulted while driving a EMS vehicle. At this time he/ she when and reported the assault to a supervisor. At that time he felt like it wasn’t being taken seriously so he went on a rant on Facebook. So st this point he was told to apologize to the people he insulted. He never came back into work and his job as terminated. So he was suing for wrongful termination.